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The philosophy that has always characterized the company strategy is to not be content with the acquired results even if they are excellent, with a continuous developing and innovative process both of machines and productive processes; in both cases the aim of the design is to guarantee the quality of the final product. Inside the structure of the Technical Department there is a Prototype division which takes care of study, development and realization of new machines for the market and equipments for improvement of internal productive processes. The innovation process has not a continuous solution because in almost all cases there are not standard formulas of plants but it is necessary to resort to “hoc” solutions studied for each customer in function of variables which change in a big range of possibilities: from the productive technology to the quantity of product, from the environmental working conditions to the space of the structures.

CMT starts a working relation by checking the customer's reality of his operating area and trying to understand the wished aim. These are the "starting-data" of the project preparation work. During the design phase, project development, realization of lay-out and executive drawings are made easier by advanced computer CAD systems (14 mechanical CAD stations and 2 electrical CAD stations). Machines parts are drawn and then manufactured on machine tools with numerical control. All the most important machines, or particular manufacture solutions or plant components are patented both in Italy and in Europe; also the patents for the U.S.A. market have been obtained for some manufacture devices (above all regarding sanitizing of machines); a special cleaning system of the auger shaft supports of the moulding machines has been approved by the officiers of the American agency USDA.

As said before CMT can boast about its contacts with the most important research institutes and specialized laboratory and with schools for dairy professional formation both in Italy and abroad.

As crowning of all the innovation, research and development activity, CMT had been admitted in the Register of the authorized Laboratories for technologies transfer (law 46/82 art. 4) on the 30th June 1993 by the MURST (Ministry for University and for Scientific and Technological Research); i.e. CMT has the possibility to develop research programs on behalf of small and medium firms (PMI) that have not their own research structure able to face the technological problems connected with product and process evolution and need to find an effective technical-scientific support outside.

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